Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Word of the Year: Setting An Artistic Goal

I've heard a lot of people out in blogland, talking about setting a word of intention rather than resolutions. I've determined that I think that's the way for me to go! So I spend a good week or so, thinking about "my word" and finally after going back to the same word over and over again, decided on "TRY". It's a bit of a continuation from last year for me - I had many first tries (and successes) last year, and think It would be good to keep the ball rolling.
Things I want to TRY:
  • New techniques
  • Submit an article idea to The Fiber Arts
  • Submit an article to the SAQA Journal
  • Learning my longarm better (This is already started, as I registered for classes in May!)
  • Teaching a class in my studio
  • Possibly try a collaboration
  • Enter a fine arts competition
There are others that will come up or pop into my head I'm sure, but that's the start of my creative list. Of course there are more personal things like; lose more weight, eat better, etc. Using "TRY" as my word, takes a bit of pressure off, all I have to do is try to achieve my goals, and I've already "won". I think this alleviates some of the "what if I fail" fears, because technically it doesn't matter as long as I tired!

Do you have a word of intention this year?

I stumbled a bit on my sketching yesterday - spent the day getting my passport then vegging out with a movie, then the gym. But I did manage to do a tiny, and I mean tiny sketch before bed last night. It's a little sad, but it's all I had!

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