Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2010: Quilting, Art, Resolutions

I am so happy with the way 2010 went (did it have to go quite so fast though?) An acceptance into Road to California, Quilting Arts Submission accepted for next year, and won a IMQA grant! Not to mention a new studio at home this year that fits my dream studio idea, and a bunch of other goodies!

So, I am really looking forward to 2011! I anticipate an continuation of good things hopefully!

And, I'm really looking forward to doing the Sketchbook Challenge! I have already started! I couldn't decide on a journal to use, so I decided it was fate when a neighbor dropped off some items for me, some of which were in a cool cigar box!
I decided to cut some watercolor paper to use as journal pages:
And there were 3" x 12" strips leftover, that I cut in half lengthwise an widthwise, leaving 1.5" x 6" strips to make bookmarks with as I go along! How cool will this be?
And today I started by doing color washes, etc. for background, so I don't face the scary "white blank page"!
I sure can't wait to get started!! Just need that prompt tomorrow! Check out The Sketchbook Challenge, maybe you wanna try it too!

I was also VERY happy to be treated to a special guest for our guild, Lori Brainerd. We normally do not have a meeting in December, but Laurie was in the general area (rather than down in Texas) and managed to get to the cities for a talk! It was very inspirationa and educational and good to see her again! She used to be in our guild until a job changed moved her away to Texas!

Oh, and these are the shoes of one Sharon Englund who arranged the whole ordeal for us - bless her heart! LOVE the shoes!

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