Monday, December 27, 2010


Well, we still have one more Christmas to do today, my family in Wisconsin. We tried to make it there on Christmas Eve, but this is how things looked that morning:
 So, we will just meet with my parents today since hubby has the day off. A little visiting, a little gift exchanging then back home again and maybe I'll nap! I've been going, going, going since .... November??

I got loads of awesome gifts already! Fiber/Art books, two scarves, new yoga pants, an awesome flowing shirt/dress with butterflies, Smurfette Lunchbox, gift cards, Xbox and Kinect (this is an amazing technology! WOW!), movies (including the Life series and bluray Goonies!), Calvin Klein's Euphoria perfume (Mmmm!), Lovely perfume stick, and loads more wonderful things!

I did manage to make some gifts this year. Here's a painting I did:
And a pencil holder:

And a scarf:

It's a beautiful morning:
So, I'm going to finish my coffee, go to my fitness class, then get ready to run to Wisconsin for a little bit this morning/afternoon! Hopefully I will find time to be in my studio today, to start on "The Great Cleanup", as it looks like I will be part of a mini studio tour for a guest speaker at my guild! I'm looking forward to this!

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Rayna said...

My kids are in Wisconsin visiting my son-in-law's family for the holiday and Jessica can't believe that for the first time they have been there at Christmas, it isn't snowing. Amazing!