Friday, November 19, 2010

Road to California!

It finally happened, a piece I entered was finally accepted in to Road to California! I received the email yesterday, that my "Honu" piece made it in! I am so excited, because I didn't think I'd ever get into that show. Someone must like turtles around there!

Here is the piece:

I'm encouraged to work again. I've been focusing a lot on losing weight, which I'm pleased to say that I am now down two pant sizes since March, and down two (almost three) shirt sizes! The working out itself does not take up a lot of time, but I often find myself sore and tired - too much so to want to quilt. It's seems to be evening out now, I'm not quite as tire or sore after a good kick ass work out now. I am more challenged now, as I have dropped from having a personal trainer three times a week, to just one. So now it's the real test, of getting MYSELF to get into the gym and work my own butt off (literally!)

Winter is definitely upon us here in Eden Prairie, MN. This was the snow storm we had last weekend (first of the season)

Today I am watching a friend little boy, Monkey! We're having great fun coloring, playing with his Leapster (how cool are those things?) and dancing!

Fun weekend of playing with nephew, going to casino with the girls, and then hopefully wine and Wii tonight! :) Craftiness tomorrow, as well as Ikea and Christmas shopping! Yay, awesome weekend, straight ahead!

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