Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gearing up - Bauhaus, Paintsticks and Teaching!

I'm  currently working on a series of articles for The Fiber Nation, based on library books I got on art/artists the other day. Today's goal, is to create the pieces based from the Bauhaus book I grabbed. I have hopes that this will be a nice kick start to my creativity for the rest of this fall and start of winter. Playing with multiple styles and techniques, makes me very aware that I am likely not an artist that will have a definitive "style". For the moment, I am okay with that and am accepting it!

I still have a lot of waiting to do. I have two grant proposals out, and an article proposal. All of which have a notification time coming up within the next 30 days. I also have pieces that may still make it into a new art quilt book coming out, no definitive deadline for notice there - just sometime in early 2011.

Other than working on pieces, it's my goal to start gearing myself up to teach. I've been saying this for years, but I really need to get myself to do it. I've been blocked from doing this for years, as I have a hard time trying to organize what I want to teach, as well as believing I have any authority to teach it!

Part of my problem may be that I very much want to teach design principles that are used in quilting and fiber arts. This are big topics and can be daunting. Perhaps I need to just start with a small project, and determine what principles are heavily used in it, then use that as the basis for that class?

The other huge fear for me comes from trying to find students. I intend to teach in my home studio, rather than a quilt store. I do have a publication or two that I can place an ad into, as well as mention the classes to local quilt guilds. The root of the fear is, what if no one signs up? (Again..I've tried teaching a few classes that no one signed up for, though I dearly hope it was only because of the location at the time!)

Do you teach classes from your home studio? How do you get students? Are you very active in the quilting/fiber art community?

Off to keep creating and plotting, I mean, planning a class!

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