Monday, October 04, 2010


Had a lovely retreat this past week/weekend. I am very excited to be working on my first series of quilt patterns that will be for sale! I am currently designing, making the quilts, and will soon be writing them up.

There are the  pieces I will be quilted soon - the first is from experimenting with discharging fabrics, the second is from flower pounding using leaves and pine needles.

 Of course I did some shopping during the retreat. I needed some green batiks - and look how well they would work doing a fall landscape piece:

I have been wanting to try quilting on dupioni silks, and was lucky to find them at 50% off -  then I realized that the colors I chose really reflect the views in my neck of the woods right now.

 Now I am off to work on the patterns some more - I can't wait to make these available!

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