Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flower Pounding

Well, technically not flower, but leaves rather! Last year I got together with my small group The Rosies, and we did an entired afternoon/evening of flower pounding! I found that I got better results with leaves than I did the flowers, so I just did a lot of "leaf spreads". Well, I went to the studio yesterday, and wasn't sure what to work on, so I grabbed one of them and decided to just go for it, and use it.

This is what they look like before:

A pounded leaf on plain white muslin.
 And this is after some of the quilting:

First round of pebbles is on, and have started on the secondary color on the outside

Continuing to fill in with the darker thread color, this should have a nice effect of making the center "POP!" (I hope!)
 I hope to get this one finished up today, and get the binding on too.

I have so many pieces of fabric from things I've tried: flower pounding, dye painting, soy wax batik, discharging, etc. I think I need to set of goal of using "X" amount of them a week or a month. I have six or eight hangers right now, with a multitude of quarter to one yard pieces of experiments! Need to put them to good use.