Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not Quite Traditional

Quite some time ago, I was still making traditional quilts. I made (and have yet to finish the border and quilt it) a king size top that was make of 3" blocks of alternation 9 Patch and Hourglass. Somehow - as usual - I was mistaken on how many 9 patches I needed, and probably have enough extra for a crib to twin size quilt!

So I took two of the 9 patches and put them with some nice lime fabric, then had fun quilting. It was a bit blah, so I added some color to it! Now I'm off to do a bit more organizing and putting away of things in the studio. (I'll get done some day, right? Right???)



Sharonahhh said...

Oh my goooooooddness! This is beautiful! You just kept going like that battery bunny. Thanks for posting - you inspire me.

Norma Riehm said...

Amazing! Love the photo's of the progression of the piece. You are really GOOD.