Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh What a Night!

Tonight I was extremely excited to be able to have Tim Harding as a speaker at my guild! This was not only an eye candy treat night, but it was so inspirational and encouraging. It was such an experience to see the "working artist" side of fiber art. That is to say, to hear from and speak with someone working in the fine art side of the community doing fiber art.

Here is an example of the wearable art. Sorry that I don't have more pictures of them, but I didn't feel comfortable photographing the guild members trying them on and showing them off.

We were lucky too, that he brought a couple of his newer pieces to see. The amount of time that must go into these pieces is astonishing! There are so many layers!

This was a night that I really needed. The slide show was done so well, showing some pictures of images/objects that have inspired pieces. I was pleased to learn that I am NOT the only person who takes extremely close up pictures of things like mud cracks and leaves!

I also appreciated the "business" talk, about how to get your work out there. As well as the honesty that he spends a good deal of his time doing self marketing. This is information that many speakers seem reluctant to share.

I managed to get my nerve up, and ask to have my picture taken with him! I'm generally too shy and embarrassed to ask, but I did find starting out with "Hey, I'm a dork, but could I get a picture with you?" really seems to help. It sort of cancels out the fact that I indeed do feel like a dork for asking!

I'm so pleased that I actually remembered to bring my camera this meeting. I usually forget!

You should really check out his website - both the wearables and the wall art!

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Janet Hartje said...

Hey, great shot of you with Tim Harding! Seriously that was the best meeting I have been to yet. Thanks Stephanie.