Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts...

At the studio right now, waiting for Mr. H to get here and "fix" my longarm. The guy who came to set it up, Mr. X, brought the wrong size side bars, and someone had the wheels not quite right on it. So it was like pulling taffy to move my machine around.

Mr. H came, my machine now has more quilting space, and moves much more smoothly! To top it off, he and his wife are polite and friendly! Already a vast improvement from the previous experience with Mr. X. I can't wait to actually get some time on the machine and with my artwork again. Temping in the corporate world sucks the creativity out of my. (I still think I may be a reincarnation of Chaucer!)

I got the unfortunate news yesterday, that a piece I tried to enter into the State Fair Fine Arts Competition was rejected. (They say not accepted, *I* say REJECTED!) I swear, someone turning down your artwork, is tantamount to someone telling you your children are ugly! If you think I'm exaggerating, you've either never tried to enter into a show, or you're my enemy, and HAVE entered, but ALWAYS been accepted. *glare stare* (It's the evil side of a Care Bear stare!)

I will only allow myself a little more time to lick my wounds from this latest rejection. Then it's time to start working on a piece for Road To California. I think it will hurt less to be rejected from such a highly regarded show, than it is to be turned down by a local state fair! (Okay, check back with me after the rejection slips go out on that one...)

I'm fascinated by the people that start planning a quilt show piece a year or more in advance. I really hope they take that long because they have other work. I'm referring to people like Karen McTavish, Ricky Tims, Gina Perkes, Renae Haddadin, etc. I really would like to know if they spend VAST amounts like a full time job on these pieces, or if they just work on it when they can throughout the year. (If one of you are reading this, please, inquiring minds want to know!)

The quilt competition world is such a strange place to me. Things like a quilt have a 2 year circuit life for shows. The fact that previous overly jealous/horrible people that have resulted in a need for quilts to be "guarded" at all times! Stolen winning quilts. Sometimes I start to think it bears resemblance to the creepy kid beauty pageants. (If you're a participant of these and have a complaint that I think it's creepy, send it to!) I digress...

I am just now starting to get the initiative to truly start working on pieces ONLY destined for a quilt show competition. I worry that my fly the seat of my pants, intuitive style design and art process will hurt me at these shows. Everyone else quilts are so calculated and pre-planned it seems. I often worry that my "art" pieces will never find a place to comfortable compete, with at least a small chance of winning (even if by accident or default!)

And while I am on the subject of quilt shows, I have another gripe. I see the teachers (who I won't name) that seem to never get a moment's peace to just wander the quilt show, because they have an entourage of fans following on their heels constantly. It's sad when this happens, because the poor women that used to be so friendly and open start to become introverted and come off as unfriendly at times. Generally it isn't that they aren't friendly, they just get tired of having someone lips permanently attached to their tookus for the entire week of a big show!

I do admit that I can see it from the other point of view too. Say there is a "Queen/King" quilter, and you just REALLY like that person, their personality, their quilts, etc. It's hard to not want to talk to them when you see them walking around the quilt show. But honestly, I find it incredibly RUDE when "Queen/King" are trying to walk around the quilts and view them, or sit at a table for food, and people CONTINUOUSLY come up to them, wanting autographs, advice, etc. Try to keep in mind what it would be like if you had to be "on" or "working" 24/7 for an entire week. I'd hate to have to be "nice" constantly for week, walking around acting like I was on a never-ending service call, on the service provider end of things! Blech!

So the next time you feel the need to throw yourself at the feet of a "famous" quilter, try and limit your groveling to when their at their booth working. Because honestly here folks, I don't think they enjoy being chased after the duration of an entire quilt show!

Now, I'm off to nurse my wound. I have somehow managed to hurt my right ankle over the last couple days, and it can hardly bear any weight on it now. So off to bed, so I can wake up early and try to make a DR appointment.


Bridget473 said...

Well hooray for Mr. H and boo to the show judges. I have no advice on the shows -- I've never entered. Good luck!

Janet said...

How is your ankle? Great post

Janet said...

Stephanie, I had to come back and add that your intuitive style is one of the things I admire the most about you. I wish I could be more like that. I tend to over think and over plan.