Monday, April 20, 2009

What is an Art Crawl?

Awhile back, when I first starting talking about the Art-A-Whirl event that I will be taking part in next month, I received several email asking what exactly is an art crawl? I decided to hold off on answering until the event was closer!

And *gulp*, it's closer!

Art Crawl 101:

An art crawl is when a collection of artist studio buildings and person artist spaces, open their studio doors to the public at large. We open our workspace, show people where we work, and often ply visitors with free liquids (yes..sometimes alcoholic!) and food, etc. Our work is displayed for sale. Though from what I have noticed so far, the biggest benefit is the ability to start, or add to a customer list - contacts!

The particular art crawl that I am in, is the Art-A-Whirl art crawl, for the Northeast neighborhood of Minneapolis. The last I counted, there are 18 separate buildings/businesses that are taking part in Art-A-Whirl. Out of this buildings, there will be over 500 artists opening their studios for the public!

I am very excited, that out of the thousands of pictures of art work on the NEMAA website, one of my fiber art pieces was chosen to use in the silent auction ad! Mine is the pieces in the upper right. On the actual print copy of this (which is the hand out for the map on the other side!) my name is clearly printed on the image. Woohoo!

I had a visitor today, Deb Svedberg, and we visited while we put the pillows on the longarm frame. It's funny to look at, pillow tops, two by two sewn together in a long strip. It's like a weird pillow Noah's arc!

I even managed to start quilting the first pillows. I should have most if not all of them done tomorrow! ( make take me until into part of Weds...there are 26 of them!)


Bridget473 said...

How fun! I hope you can get a studio-sitter so you can go out and see some of the other artists too! Have a great time!

Seesaw said...

I hope you get good exposure and lots of new customers. This will be a very fun event. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX