Monday, March 02, 2009


After many discussions with my hubby about my frame and wanting the commercial frame instead, he has decided to "invest" in me! That's right, tomorrow I will be mailing out the deposit on my new commercial frame! I should have it in two to three weeks! Which means it will be here before my art crawl, with plenty of time for me to quilt pieces on it!

This is what the frame looks like with a fun quilter on it:

I'm on my own tonight - I opted out of going to see Friday the 13th - I like scary movies, but I like to watch them at home! So, I am spending my night making/freezing apple pie filling (it's cooling now), and watching one of my Renae Haddadin's DVD's while I play on EQ6. I think I have a good start to my next show piece...though it will be quite awhile before I get to it. And when I am done here, I will be sitting down to draft my sense of humor quilt in between cleaning up the kitchen.

I lead an exciting life I know. Cooking, cleaning and sewing...I just sent women's liberation back many decades in one blog post. Forgive me!

Tonight I am so thankful, especially to hubby, as I know I am going to be SO happy on the steel frame! I'm also thankful that I am in a phase of inspiration and creativity. It's been a long winter, and now I feel like I am moving a break neck speed to make up for the past couple months! It's amazing how much energy seems to come with these phases! I'm sure ya'll know what I's like a natural high when you get into the flow of things.

No studio for me tomorrow, it's supply day, and I need to pick my mom up to bring her up to get her stuff too. But, she will probably get to see the new elements at the studio, and some of the pieces I've been working on.

And now...I wait for the deliver of my hotfix crystals needed to finish the MQS piece!

I try to always have a picture of something fiber, so how about I share my Ikea piece with you? All the entries are in, and it will be sold at an even at Ikea in Bloomington, MN near the Mall of America on March 21st. Hope you like it!

Take care for now!


Bridget473 said...

Congratulations on the new toy! How fun! What a sweet hubby you have there. I love the Ikea piece -- beautiful colors!

Janet Hartje said...

Congratulations! I'm jumping up and down and yelling Wahoo! Can you hear it! Your IKEA piece is beautiful. Very creative. Janet Hartje

Carolyn said...

I knew you should have that frame. Isn't it nice when husbands believe in what we do. I really like the Ikea piece. Happy quilting and keep the enery going. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX