Sunday, March 01, 2009

Snippets, and Relief!

It's a lovely sunny Sunday here in the Twin Cities, though only 12 degrees! But at least it isn't snowing!

I went into the studio yesterday afternoon, and was amazed that when I left, I had my MQS fabric challenge piece's quilting done! What a relief, it has to be in by March 20th, this means I won't have to pay for overnight shipping like I often do! Ha! And I still have plenty of time to do any embellishments, and the binding.

I'm just doing a few snippet pieces to show the quilting:

I really like the way that it turned out! I was so excited while I was quilting it too, I kept doing happy dances at the frame! I did learn however with this piece, that I will definitely need to upgrade to the professional/commercial frame to do small scale quilting. Micro-quilting of any sort on this frame is not possible due to the large wiggle when shifting directions. (Grr!)

The guild I am in, The Minnesota Contemporary Quilters, has a challenge this year, "Quilts With a Sense of Humor", and I finally came up with the idea for mine yesterday morning! I like to think of myself as a fairly funny girl, but that is not really easily translatable into a quilt! (Try it some time!)

After the humor quilt, my butt will be going into overdrive getting pieces done for the art crawl in May. That's going to be coming up super quickly, as I have lots of things going on. I have a bit of a head start with all of those shiva stick pieces that I did last week!

Today, I am sitting down with my brand new Nasco catalog, and starting a list! As soon as my list is done, BF (best friend) and I will plan our road trip down there for a pick up. It's an hour south of it's a three day weekend trip for us. (Yay motel stay!)

Have a great day!


Wren1010 said...


You are really turning out some incredibly nice work ! Wow.. way to go.. I am enjoying seeing what all you are creating.


Carolyn said...

I love this one, Stephanie. The colors are great. Whatever you need for that frame, you just go right out and buy it. Your quilting is worth it. Fantastic job. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

Bridget473 said...

Very cool piece! You did a great job on the quilting and I love the colors!

Norma said...

I agree with really need that larger frame. With the tighter control on the frame and machine head, your quilting will really take off.