Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Progress

This afternoon, I started a new piece, using the red center panel that I had started a couple weeks ago.

First I auditioned the fabric, but found it lacking something:

So, I added the limey green strip onto the red first, before the border pieces:

Then I decided that the center piece was too blah, and attacked it with some fabric paints:

I still have some detailing I want to do, but I might do it with the quilting instead of more paint. I am really liking this so far!

Tomorrow I meet with the owner of the building I am renting in. We'll be talking my floor, and getting it covered (hope to share costs here, we'll see.) Also need to talk to him about getting the AC going in there, or putting in a new one, as it gets so hot in there, I'm not sure I can do classes in July and August. I don't want to be responsible for heat strokes!

Wish me luck, especially on the AC front, it would be nice to work full days in there in high summer, rather than just a couple hours in the mornings. On hot days, it gets well over 100 degrees in the studio, and that's not good for people, or my paints/dyes/fusibles!

Have a great night, and Happy St. Patricks Day...now go have a beer!


Bridget473 said...

Love what you did with that piece! I like seeing each step -- looks great! Good luck with the AC!

Seesaw said...

What you did with the red center made a huge difference. I really like this. I hope all goes well with the landlord. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX