Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good News and Bad News

The good news, is that the meeting with the building manager when really well. In fact, by early this afternoon, I had two brand new 8 foot lights installed, one in the main room over my sewing machine, the other in the back room where I was using lamps!

It also looks like there is a good chance I will be getting AC in my studio, at my own expense, but stretched out over a longer lease agreement. I am so excited, it means I will be able to have classes this summer like I want to!

The floors are something I have to do, but if I am going to get AC, I am going to wait and see if that itself helps keep the floor clean. Because I won't have the door open, pulling in the dust/dirt from the unpaved parking lot. (Let's hope it works! I HATE the murky dust that comes in, it's so cakey.)

The bad news? I seem to have been struck down by a rude cold bug. :( I'd been fighting it off, but then this morning the nose drops started, and they haven't stopped. So I'm currently in bed with my laptop, and trying to look through watery eyes to type. (I know, attractive)

I was going to post some pics of my new lights, but the image upload thing seem to be broken for me tonight.

Since I had to move stuff for the lights to be put up, I decided to go ahead and take the opportunity to finally organize the back and front at the same time. The kitchen (microwave, fridge, etc.) was moved to the back room area out of the workspace/show space area. (Good idea Norma!)

I also moved all of my shelving along one long wall. I still need to put some cover on top, as they are under windows and I want to protect my fabrics from any sun that sneaks in around the curtain edges each day.

I am going to be incredibly busy over the next few weeks. My on/off temp job called today, and they have hours for me. So I will be working days in an office, and nights at the studio. I have no choice if I am going to get enough done for Art-A-Whirl. And of course, I can't say no to a paycheck, ya know? I will try and utilize my lunch time for sketching while I eat!

And of course it's just perfect that my cold really hits the afternoon before I'm going to go into work. On the upside, I bet everyone leaves me be, and I can just sit with my iPod, cold meds, tissues and get the data entry done!

Catchya later, and avoid this nasty cold going around if ya can!


Janet Hartje said...

When it rains it pours! You really have a lot on your plate right now. Getting healthy again is number one. Take care of yourself so you'll have the energy for all the rest. Can't wait to see the new lights! Janet Hartje

Seesaw said...

Way to go with the building manager. The summer classes will help pay for the AC. Hope you feel better. Keep all the cold remedies on you desk. Nobody will bother you! Get well. Carolyn in Kerrville, TX

Bridget473 said...

Glad to hear you got everything straightened out with the building! Hooray! Hope you feel better soon!