Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow Day!

We have a fairly sizable winter storm setting in here in the Twin Cities in Minnesota. This is what it looked like just near my home on the way back from errands:

So, I had already decided to be home for the day, and not work at the studio. But I had to pick up some things there, and run errands at Michael's and Barnes & Noble.

That's when I picked up my "vices" to have while I'm hunkering down at the homestead. Can you picked out the four vices represented in this picture?

  1. Starbucks black iced tea, no sweetener!
  2. Bead crap
  3. Books
  4. Quilt Magazines
I won't be alone today however. The hubby has a pretty awful commute, and so he opted to work from home today. Thank goodness!

I also stocked up the bird/animal feeders outside my work window, and here is a visitor that came right away:

It's good to see one of the rabbits! Usually they come feed at the trays after dark. Of course I expect the pine squirrel will be along shortly!

I brought home several of my finished pieces to add bead embellishments to. There is one in particular, that Norma suggested I add some stuff to. But, while I was picking it up at Stew to bring home and work on, I saw several others that should benefit from some embellishing! (She may have created a monster!)

I'll be sure to take before pictures, and then after pictures!

Have a great afternoon!

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Bridget473 said...

Hooray! Beads! Looking forward to seeing the pics! Stay warm!