Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lost and Found

While cleaning the studio and organizing UFO's tend to surface. This is one that surfaced, that I've decided to work on finishing. I already started hand quilting it, and I will finish it that way. It's photos of my cats and myself that I printed out, and little mushrooms, a sort of Alice in Wonderland thing. (I dunno, I'm weird, ok?)

So this will be my "TV Project" that I do while watching my shows at night. :) I will be switching to thicker thread (embroidery floss) for the black background so it pops out more and adds interest.

Will post more pictures of it when it's done.


Bridget473 said...

Artists aren't weird -- they're interesting!

Norma said...

Like mushrooms-ufo's seem to grow in the dark. I've been trying to finish some myself, but the pile isn't getting much smaller.