Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Bound Day II

I will be staying home again today I think. The snow has stopped, but it is currently 1 degree right now. Yuck! No worries, I brought several pieces home for embellishment, and I need to sit down and schedule out the month of March!

I took another picture of the crow piece, during the daylight. The yellow loves the sunlight!

This is the second piece that I did last night, with the embellishments done:

I love the lizards little eyes!

These are the two pieces I plan on working with today:

I'm not sure yet what I want to do with them. But, I'm excited to have lots of straight lines and organic shapes to work with!

Stayed tuned for updates of the pieces when they're done!


Bridget473 said...

Ooh! The beads really look great on those pieces! Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what's next!

Norma said...

Perfect! The beading was the right thing to do. Those pieces needed just a little finishing touch. Way to go, and enjoy the day at home.