Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doing Time

I put in some much needed practice time on the long arm today. I got the white fabric/batting loaded onto the frame, then picked a pretty thread for the top:

Then I pulled out my bobbins, you can see what happens when you do thread art - I have umteen different bobbins filled with an array of colors, let's see if we can use some up:

Here I tried some clam shell type filler:

A few more fillers:

A little bit more detail:


So there is a day of play on the long arm.

Tomorrow I will be mopping and clearing tables, because I am hosting the MCQ Board meeting at my studio Thursday night.

I was blown away today when I received my The Quilt Show newsletter in my email! One of my quilts was chosen for a sashiko tutorial from Bernina! (Now if only *I* had a Bernina! lol) But, it was wickedly awesome to see my quilt on there, and on the newsletter page on the site!

Here's the quilt they put in the newsletter:

It's really funny that this happend, because just this morning I was thinking about The Quilt Show, and how thankful I am that it exists! I was so disappointed when they canceled Simply Quilts, and then when I heard about The Quilt Show I was really happy! But what makes it even better I think, is how they connect quilters from all over the world! I love it!

Awesome day!


Janet Hartje said...

Hey Congratulations! What fabulous news.

Bridget473 said...

Congrats on the TQS shout-out! Looks like you had a fun machine day!

Norma said...

WOOHOO! That is way cool about your quilt. I envy your day of playing on the longarm. I can't wait for our play date next week.