Friday, January 16, 2009

Weather Status: -22 degrees (windchill -40ish)

It hit the news this morning that two men died in separate incidents of hypothermia. One, it appears slipped and fell then froze. The other man was living in his car. So I am thankful to be in a mostly warm house. (It's a 1925 house, it doesn't hold it's heat all that well.)

I just pray that all our homeless have found warm enough shelter to brave through this cold snap. (Hopefully they managed to migrate further south where it isn't so cold!)

Creative Status:

I seem to be recovering somewhat from my creative blockage. My guild (Minnesota Contemporary Quilters) is doing a challenge for an exhibit at the Minnesota Quilter's Quilt Show this spring. The theme is "Quilts With A Sense of Humor". And let's face it, it's the middle of January in the land of the ice age, and I am in need of some humor!

I was up very late last night, sketching and jotting down ideas and things in quilting that seemed funny to me. My iPhone served as a wonderful notepad!

Today I am regretting not keeping an emergency quilting kit at the house! (I think I need to remedy that.) Hubby is working from home this morning, as he leave for Vegas in a few hours (I know, I know! Stupid boys trip! lol) So I don't plan on hitting the studio for the morning at least, and not sure about the afternoon - other than to run and pick up supplies I will need for tomorrow.

Tomorrow I meet with my small group the Rosie Quilters, and we will be doing soy wax batiking, which I mentioned yesterday. It occurred to me that I can batik then over dye commercial fabrics too (inspired by the discharged piece on the cover of Quilting Arts.)

I have a lot of ideas rumbling around my head - as well as a lot of uncertainties too. A possible opportunity has risen, but I am not sure how to grab the bull by the horns as it were. Is there anything more frustrating than what seems like a great idea, but no idea how to implement it?

I am also diligently on the search for speakers for the Minnesota Contemporary Quilters guild. Are you a teacher or lecturer? Are you near Minneapolis, MN? Do you want to meet an awesome group of ladies and further their creative inspirations and knowledge? Then send me a note! :)

Have a great day!

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