Thursday, January 15, 2009

Out and About

Well, I got my car started today and made it out!! Oh thank goodness!

I stopped by my studio to check on things, and pick up a couple of things. I then headed over to a local quilt shop, that is very sadly closing the end of the month. :( I'm distraught as this is where I buy all my batiks and unique fabrics, and there is no other store like it anywhere that I have found. (My closest quilt store will now be nearly 30 minutes away, as both within 10 minutes are closing this winter!)

I bought, I kid you not, nearly 55 yards of fabric! The pictures aren't perfect, as it was dark when I got home so the lighting was not good for my phone camera! But ya get the gist!

I don't buy too many print fabrics anymore, but the last two just had the most gorgeous colors! The one with leaves had an awesome lavender color in the veins.

I also picked up Quilter Arts Magazine (I have a subscription, but they STILL have not sent me my December/January issue, despite my emails and complaints.) I also got my copy of Art Calender (If you are wanting to sell/show your pieces I highly recommend this periodical!), and the newest issue of Fiber Arts! I will have night drooling over them!

I also got a new pack of Moleskine sketchbooks (my absolute favorite sketch books!) I get the set of three plain, that are 7.5" x 10". And a Buddhist book called "A Path with a Heart" by Jack Kornfield.

AND, I found this in the used annex sale area: Spirit of Color: A Sensory Meditation Guide To Creative Expression. I can't wait to go though it!

It is still -11 here, and the wind chills tonight will be somewhere between -30 to -45 - it's funny, even CNN seems fascinated with the cold snap here. They even sent a weatherman to visit one of the stations here. They showed how you can put a banana out overnight (skin on or off) then use it to hammer a nail into wood the next morning. And, you can blow a bubble, and it will not pop - it freezes and falls to the ground. And of course the notorious throw a pot of hot water in the air, and it never hits the ground because it all turns to steam. He was highly more entertained with the deathly cold than the residents here are. I imagine if he reported in the cold everyday, he wouldn't be so chipper about it. lol

It really makes the Private Island job thing sound good! Though I wouldn't want to leave my cats and family!

Plan to get to the studio to do something tomorrow - not sure what. And on Saturday, I get together with my small group Rosie Quilters to do some soy wax batiking! A nice creative group get together is very likely what I need right now, so that's awesome!


Renee said...

Stephanie, so sorry to hear about the loss of your local quilt shops. From the look of the fabrics, they were good ones.. a real loss to the quilting community. Until 4 years ago, my closest quilt shop was an hour away, so I feel your pain. Now I do have one that is only 25 minutes away, but I would kill to have one that was really local!

I guess you will just have to make something in your studio tomorrow in their honor!

P.S.... I am going to tell DH about your weather. He is freaking out over our 10 degree weather.

Cheers... Renee

maggi said...

Just love the fabrics - what a pity they are closing. I am sure you will enjoy making some beautiful things with these. Hope the weather picks up for you soon.