Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I Laughed So Hard

Ok. I went and picked up my quilt. I was very good (and smart) and waited until I got to my car to open up the judges form. I am so glad I waited. I laughed so hard, I thought I might wet myself.

Now mind you, this was the Hawaiian Piece "For Pele's Sake!" with the Hawaiians dancing around, the erupting volcano. Now, on the sheet that I had to have them fill out when I dropped it off, (I kept the other half...) I told the lady the title when she asked, "For Pele's Sake" and pointed to the title on the label on the back. She wrote down, "a hawaii scene". Ok.

Well, then I open the tag the the judge got to see, "African Scene". No, I am not kidding. My piece with all the people, the leis around their neck, the hawaiian print fabrics, the volcano, the LARGE mass of WATER, was actually described as "African Scene". I'm floored. I'm not sure what to make of it, or how to take it. Does having a human figure that has mocha skin automatically fit into "African" somehow? Are they confusing it with Obama?

General Appearance:
Okay. So, the lady when I dropped it off, said it went into wall quilt, machine applique & machine quilted. Ok. But this is the judges note: "What a fun quilt! Should be in Special Surface Design category". Erm, ok.

Color and Design:
"Fabric choices, cutting and placement are effective." Ok.

Construction Workmanship:
"All elements feel secured." Ouch?

Quilting Design and Workmanship:
"Varied designs compliment applique work". Ok.

Finishing Techniques:
"Embellishments are the highlight of this piece. Good binding." Ok.

Score: 86

However, I did not receive a breakdown of the scores for each category, and I can only assume it was out of 100.

I'm not sure what to make of this critique. Obviously I am not going to name this judge, that's just rude. But I will say that I researched a bit, and she is a national judge, and has given lectures on how judging works. I'm not sure however, what type of quilting she does and normally judges.

Anyways, I will be trying to get this piece into a juried show or two and see how it goes. :)


Neil said...
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Anonymous said...

Remember every comment is just the judges opinion. They are not supposed to get personal but they do. Also the one comment wasn't an ouch. Durability is a very strong judging point. She was just going down and making a comment on every key point. I'm not a judge but have competed for years. Wildrose