Monday, September 08, 2008

Hiking just ain't my thing!

First of all, this top picture is an awesome reason to love Hawaii. See that beautiful Japanese garden?? That is IN the Honolulu airport! Talk about a layover in style!

This is the view from just off the lanai in our condo. I'm in heaven just sitting/laying there!

Today, we decided to do what I call "death hike" we tried this the last time we were in Hawaii and didn't make it all the way because we ran out of sun! Well, we tried it again, and I competed it. And I will never do it again! lol I wanted to DIE coming back up! It's a 2 mile each way hike, and you start at 1,300 feet and go down to sea level. Which means you have 1,300 feet to climb back UP when you go back. It's the hike down to the Captain Cook monument.

This top picture we when we were still descending, hence the still happy faces. That's me in the front, my best friend next to me, hubby on the left, and in the back, hubby's best friend.

This is some where around 1/2 to 2/3's the way down. Yes, we went DOWN THERE. Insanse!

This is the monument to Captain Cook. It is considered British soil.

This is an Indian Mongoose (non indigenous but here to stay.) They were all over down there, and loved cheese crackers and almonds. They are actually very cute, and have the prettiest brown/orange eyes.

This is the Bay, I didn't get a lot of pictures of it, ebcuase it was FULL of snorkelers and the snorkel cruise boats. (Which I want to do!)

Another little area.

If you look close, you'll see the bird sitting on the tree limb, watching for fish below in the water.

I just loved the organic shapes of this tree stump on the trail. If you look at it upside down, it looks like a gingerbread man! :)

I am exhausted and it is only 4pm here. Been up since 6:30. The sun rises around 6 or 6:30, and sets here at around 6:30, so you tend to get up when the sun does to maximize your time. Tonight I think we're off to a nice steak place, where I intend to eat well and suck down iced teas to replenish my liquids. (Okay, okay, maybe a glass of Pinot will fit in there somewhere!)

Anyways, the Captain Cook hike, will be my hike of the trip. Stick a fork in my sad, tired, and out of shape body and call me done! I am proud that I accomplished it this time, and that will be good enough!

I will try to post some of the pictures I've taken of flowers soon!

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