Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Thread Lottery

Sometimes you have a dream so awesome, that it's sad to wake up. Last night was one of those nights for me.

I dreamed that I had won the Thread Lottery. I received cone after cone after cone of threads! There were cones from every brand: Superior, Signature, Sulky, Fil-tec, Aurifil, you name it and it was there.
Boxes after boxes were being carried in! I began ripping open boxes and just pouring cones out. Then, I did what they do in all the lottery/Vegas scenes - I began to roll in them! (Apparently dream thread cones do not hurt to roll on, but I imagine in real life I'd need a back adjustment afterwards!)

Needless to say, this is a dream I would LOVE to come true! I suspect the dream seed was sowed yesterday when I was with my Mom and friends at a local wholesale place. I was getting some threads, and commented that if I were to ever win a big lottery I would buy a couple of each color from every brand of thread.
It was a nice dream, one I wouldn't mind having again. I wouldn't mind it coming true either...I think I may need to enter the A&E challenge...isn't the prize a thread package???

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