Monday, February 14, 2011

Studio Time: The Great Thaw

The horrible cold snap broke this weekend, and this morning is it currently 36 degrees! It's a veritable heat wave, really.
Things are thawing out in the studio also. I'm starting to feel creative again. Ironically, I am trying to stave that off a bit, in order to finish the studio. I deal with hip issues (which combined with procrastination), so it's taken me longer than I'd hope.
It truly is down to the dregs now! I have a few containers that I've thrown odds and ends into, that now need a home found for them. The truly disturbing factor, is how many "to finish" things I have piled up. I had no idea I had so many started/planned/ideas going! I think I'm going to have to factor in some scheduling for finishing pieces in between starting new ones, or I may be buried!

I also plan on picking a day for March to teach a class on paint sticking here at the studio! Email if you would like to be emailed more information! Just put "Class Info" in the subject!

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Lee said...

Our retreat would be a good way to finish some of them up. We could help provide inspiration and encouragement.