Friday, October 22, 2010


This week, I have actually been taking some time to make some for our home. We have a pretty contemporary home, with funky furnishings and bright colored walls. We need placemats for our dining room table, eight of them. The holiday season is coming up, and I wanted something a bit nicer than the cork board Ikea mats I have (despite my nephews love to chew on them!)

I rarely take time to make things for around the house, so this is a nice treat for me! 

So I began to piece them, in true Steph style. No pattern. I am generally not a follower of rules, so I generally do not work from pattern. I did start with a simple line drawn sketch. This has been an interesting project so far, as I have never pieced in this fashion before. I have found that this method creates quite a bit of scraps left over, which goes into my "class bucket".

The "class bucket" is what I am starting to keep, to offer students access to doing classes. That is, once I get brave enough to teach a class out of my home, and can find people to take said classes.

I do like this impromptu form of piecing, although I have learned a lesson or two. The first is that I need to lay out the segments and REALLY look it over before deciding the best way to trim them. The second, is to start a good deal larger than the finished size I need, to accommodate for the "squaring off" of each section.

I hope to have the piecing part finished today, I will update with pictures once that happens! I am hoping to eek out the size and not need a border at all. We'll see!

I will also post what this is about:

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