Friday, October 08, 2010

Autumn Brings...

It's still early, and I've been up for quite awhile already with a cold. Bah!

Yesterday was productive. I got a new blog post up at The Fiber Nation. Then I set about working on a pattern that will be available on TFN soon. I got all the blocks done, and today I can sew them together and the proceed to the quilting! It's a traditional pattern, can you believe it?

Fall is well into it's glory here in Minnesota. I've already begun listening to Christmas music - a fall tradition for me. From here on out, the staple of the music in my studio will be Christmas albums!

Today's goals:
  • Keep up with the Advil so as to NOT feel the awful headache and sinus pressure accompanying this head cold (by the way...why DO we say head cold? I've not gotten a cold in my foot or knee that I can recall..)
  • Put free pattern blocks together
  • Write the pattern up in PDF format
  • Begin quilting the piece
This morning, I am missing raking and burning leaves with my Grandma when I was little. It's even hard to remember the smell of the burning leaves these day - I live in the city so burning leaves really isn't an activity around here.

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