Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Hours in a Day

This summer seems to be flying past me at a break neck speed! Things feel even fast since I started The Fiber Nation, and I currently feel as though I have to run to keep up with my to do list! I'm sure it doesn't help that summer is always jam packed with activities here in the North. We have to get our socializing in within May-September time frame, before we head back into hibernation mode again!

I love summer dearly, I really do. However, there are times during the summer, that I crave the cold snowy days. I generally get a lot done on those days, because I am cooped up at home! I'm also looking forward to seeing fall for the first time in our new home. I want to see what this view turns into come September:

For now though, I will try and remind myself whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with my to do list, errands that need running, and social activities that beckon, that these beautiful, warm, sunny days are numbered! I will also remember when I feel nostalgic for winter, what I usually feel like come the end of January!

I finished a quilt yesterday, that is a gift for a friend. I apologize for the blurriness, I had to do a quick snapshot with my iphone camera, and apparently I didn't stand still enough!

I used the pattern that was from the cover of Quilts and More in their last issue. If you go to their site, you can see the cover pictures on the front page. If I make this again (and I probably will), I would do one thing different however. I would probably use some fusible in the layers, to make it less likely that it puckers when putting the blocks together. This was only an issue on the pieces where the center circle it white, because the outside edges are double layered. So I will probably put fusible on the back of the color squares with the circle cut out. (Hard to explain!)

Anyways, I am off to accomplish more from my to do list: vacuum couch, put clothes away, write article for The Fiber Nation. We have company heading in for the next 11 days, and I can't wait to see them! So I need to get the house in order before their arrival! Check The Fiber Nation later today for a new post - I'll give you a hint, "Tattoos".


lyric said...

ah the To Do list. It never ends.
Your quilt is very sweet - thanks for sharing it!

Sallie said...

I need to make a to do list. I used to have one when I had my business going, but I'm not on an agenda most of the time now, but there are lots of things that should be done that don't get done because I forget. Regarding being cooped up inside in the winter, it is the opposite here. Summers are spent inside where it is cool. Outside stuff is done in the spring and in the fall.

joven said...

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