Sunday, April 04, 2010

What's Goin' On!

I'm probably 50% moved into my new studio at home. It's enough that I've completed one piece, except for the binding, so far. I have to say, while I loved my metro studio, having my studio space at home, seems to be the perfect setting for me. I worked from home before, but part of my stuff was in one room, I would sew in the kitchenette off the main kitchen area - which made the kitchen look awful of course, and my longarm was down in the basement where it just was not pleasant to work.

The metro studio in Minneapolis, gave me my first taste of having spacing that was all mine, and completely devoted to my inventory. But it wasn't without its issues either - from the loud train track, to the filthy dust from the unpaved parking lots (that turned to mud when you'd try to wipe it off anything), to the smell of the machine shop next door and the exhaust from their forklift in the hallway!

Neither place really inspired me as far as the setting went. And the studio down town, eventually became too loud and too dusty to work in (not to mention the expense!)

In my studio at home now, I finally feel comfortable enough to MAKE IT MINE! I can put nails in the wall where I need them. I have four built in bookshelves, which are perfect for fabrics (and adjustable to accomodate bolts of fabric), a wall long enough for the longarm, my new free standing/rolling kitchen island for work areas, and plenty of room for a future futon and TV.

I have begun labeling where things are going to find a home (to make the initial set up easier, as well as clean up as time goes by.) I use push pins to hang up small pieces of fabric I've painted, dyed or manipulated that I want to view for awhile before deciding the next steps.

The vast majority of my time the last two weeks, has been spend ironing and refolding the fabrics to fit properly on the shelves. But I am so thankful I am taking the time now to do it. (I will post pictures soon!)

The time spend ironing has been nice in a way, because I am able to jot down ideas I have while I'm ironing yard after yard of fabric. Ideas come when you're mind goes blank doing repetitive work I think. It can be nice - even if your arms and shoulders do get tired.

This afternoon I will be moving as much as I can in one van load from the old studio to home - hopefully I can cram a lot in! Of course all of my pieces will stay there for now - until after the art sale in May - then I can move them home too.

I'm extremely excited to be starting an online class tomorrow from Jane Davila - Jump Start Your Art Career! I believe you can still sign up today if you want to take it too!

Now I'm off to move stuff!

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