Thursday, March 11, 2010

Change Can Be Hard

I have never been good with change, and moving is definitely a big change! It seems silly, because it's not as if I have moved across country - I haven't even moved across state! I moved to the other side of the Twin Cities, from Roseville to Eden Prairie - believe it or not, this is actually a huge difference!

The entire atmosphere on this side is completely different to me. It certainly lacks that "metro" feeling that Roseville somehow still seemed to have. I grew up as a "country girl" that always wanted to live in a big city - so maybe she is throwing a bit of a tantrum at moving to a more rural type setting? Realistically I know it's silly - but it seems huge to me right now, that a trip to Target that used to take me 3 minutes, now takes 10-15!

The other part, is the attachment I have to our old house - that is in the process of being painted and "shined up" before being listed. It's hard to let go, when we still have errands to run over, and access to it. I can only hope this will ease off after the initial shock of it just being "gone" when it sells, and that I'll move on from that easily. I do know the longer I'm away from it, the easier it starts to feel. It just zings when I go back and see all the freshly painted rooms, and how pretty it is again, all fresh and new! I hope the next owners love her as much as I do!

There are linings on the west side...and today showed me one of them. After a morning of listening to the first thunderstorm of the year (scary in a new house...the rain and hail sounds much louder in an open contemporary!) But the rains have ebbed a bit, and movement outside caught my eye. A pack of dear - 5-7? were slowly making their way through the newly melted wetlands outside my living room window. They must be ready for spring, they are looking thin and were eating the lower branches hanging over the water.

The rains melted a lot of the snow today. This is the first time I've seen the wetlands here be, well, wet! We're excited to see what our property and yard looks like without snow all over the place.

The front has melted enough to reveal a rock garden!

Saw the side deck for the first time too!

And the other side:

Despite my initial discomfort from change, I know that I will start to grow more attached to this home, and this side of the cities. With spring coming, and the beauty that always brings, it should be easier. And I can tell I certainly won't be at a loss for inspiration in my art!

Have a great day!

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