Thursday, January 14, 2010

Been a Long Time, and Big News!

It's been quite awhile since I posted. I have done some fiber art since, but it's been minimal. The reason for lack of creation, is due to the fact that we have decided to sell our home and buy a new one closer to my husband's work. He currently has a one hour plus commute to work.

The plus side is, we will finally be able to have a studio space more than big enough for me in the home! While I love my current studio, it would be so nice to be at home, and not right in the inner city - especially considering all of my pieces tend to be based on nature and trees.

There is a home we are currently considering, and researching before we put an offer on the table! To keep me busy and try to stave off insanity from waiting, I will be reducing and packing up our stuff. It will also help up begin to clear out some furniture (which we can conveniently store at my studio), and begin to stage our home.

Now I'm off to work on our basement! :) Have an awesome day!

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