Wednesday, December 09, 2009


As you can see, I have simplified the look of the blog. I realized that the busy backgrounds and banners were unnerving me with the distraction from the images of my pieces that I post. Sometimes you have to remember that when you're working on your blog, you are looking at a completely different screen than what it actually publishes to.

Most of my work is very simple. I try to use minimal lines, and my pieces are far from cluttered (unlike my "nest" that is nearly always by my side of the couch and bed!) I believe this is a throwback to my graphic design education: minimal lines/maximum impact! (To prove my design geekness: I am currently watching a documentary called "Helvetica" which is all about the most popular/common font in existence currently.)

Last week I didn't post at all, as I was in Wisconsin on a quilt retreat (above a quilt shop!) with Anilee, Norma Riehm and our friend Carol! It's called Lamb's Inn by Pin's and Needles quilt shop in St. Croix Falls, WI.

I also worked on finishing the quilting on this one:

I finished adding the green quilting part, and now I will be working on the hand stitched binding part in the evenings.

I also realized that perhaps the previous pictures of my mini's that are on my Etsy store may not properly show the scale of the size. So here is a picture of one next to a nickel!

I mentioned before I was working on getting the house cleaned up once and for all. Here is a picture of the reduction/organization in progress and the latter two are of the after!

My business cards weren't quite suited to my fiber arts before, so I took the time today to redo them before the holiday parties and openings start, so I have a new spiffy one to hand out if asked. Keep in mind they look even better on the glossy cards I printed them on!

And last but not least, just a picture of my by the new Christmas Tree we got this year! We opted for a small 4 and a half foot this year, as the big one usually dwarfs and cramps the living space!


Janet said...

Love your new cards! Your home looks great.

Sharonahhh said...

Great job on your "nest" Stephanie.
The before picture looks like it was during the day. The two after pix show night through the window... did it take you one day or many days until night to do this? Looks good.