Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Tree of a Different Medium!

I am so excited, I just ordered this AWESOME item from Etsy:

The artist has several options/trees available on her site:

These would be AWESOME Christmas presents, and she even offers stunning ornament, that are a glass bulb with one of the trees INSIDE! Oooh..and if you getting married soon, or having a big anniversary cake, there are to die for cake toppers listed as well! I can't wait for the ones I ordered to arrive! *squeal*

Please check out Apryl's Etsy shop! :) I don't personally know Apryl, but I know how important word of mouth and referrals can be to an artist! So visit Etsy today, and support some artists - you can get some one of a kind holiday gifts, and brighten an artist's day!

And as always, my Etsy shop for Fiber Arts Studio is open!

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