Friday, November 06, 2009

A Needed Day

I had the day off from work today, and I enjoyed it! I was able to throw a piece on the long arm and did the stabilizing stitching, and the large stipple in teh brown area. Tomorrow morning I will sit down at the Bernina to do the detail quilting in the individual blocks.

Before I came home today, I stopped by a friend's studio for a little quilter encouragement/support time. (Also much needed!) There was talk of goals, plans, ideas, and what is means to be an artist, are we artists? (Heck yeah!)

And then while watching TV tonight, I did a few more mini sketches..hopefully I will have time to quilt them tomorrow too!

Now I'm off to bed, I'm still fighting the cold thing. It's been a weird one, that seems to crop up, then feel better then hit again. Seems to have done this with the whole household, very strange! I'm still buzzing and reeling from my first Etsy sale too! Woohoo!

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