Sunday, November 08, 2009

It's In the Details

Today I managed to eek out some time to work on the piece I shared on Friday, this one:

I took it to Joann's this weekend, and auditioned several yarns with it, until I found the perfect one, that ended up being a black one. (I really thought it was going to be green or turquoise, but I can't argue when the piece tells me what it wants.) The lighting in the image is a little strange, but I think you can see how the trim detail really altered the piece, and made the block pop!

I did the quilting in the block areas on my domestic this weekend, and then realized that the large stipple in the background area was not enough really, so I have started adding some more detailed quilting. I wanted to stick with an organic look, so I chose repetitive random circle pattern. I think it's looking pretty spiffy.

This is the first time I have added more quilting over previous quilting. I believe the first layer of stippling helped to stabilize the piece for the intense circle quilting.

On top of working on the quilt, I also went on a purging rampage! I have 16 paper grocery bags, and a laundry hamper full of clothes and other items to be taken to Goodwill ASAP! It feels so good, and I have more than half a closet back!

Tomorrow I am back to work - but fortunately it's not a full work week for me! Only three days this week, so I will have two days for art with some cleaning in between. It will be tricky to squeak out an art piece tomorrow though, as I work then have a concert to go to tomorrow night - but I will do my best to figure something out!


Janet Hartje said...

That black edging really made a big difference, great choice.

Rebag said...

I love this piece! The colors and yes I agree the black edging just makes it pop!

Looking forward to seeing more of your works.

Reba in MN