Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From One Fiber To Another...

Awhile back, I was doing some sketch drawings on paper with gouache. So, after a long day of floor vinyl samples, carpet samples, calls to contractor's, etc. (who knew that having vinyl laid in a kitchen, cost so much? Eeesh! And don't get me started on carpet!), I found myself running short on time and energy for creative work. I decided to recreate one of my small sketch paintings into a fiber piece. I think it's fairly similar!

Here is the original small painting:

And here is the fabric version of it - the yellow is actually much more bright in person. The camera seems to pick up paint color differently than it does marker color. Strange!

Back to work tomorrow, happily I still have Friday off. Of course a good portion of it will be spend with contractors and people coming in to take measurements for more accurate estimates of pricing. Only three days next week though - and then I'm free, free, free for quite awhile!

I'm still waiting to hear whether or not my piece made it into Road to California (December 1, really?? Ugh!), as well as to hear back about a grant I applied for. Getting antsy about both - some hope ofr one of them, not so much for another!

Off to sleep soon!

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