Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back To Work!

I made a start on what I have set as my next project. I am exploring shapes and pattersn. I started out without direction, then realized I was moving more into patterns found in nature, like veins, pine cones, leaf placement, shells, etc.

These are still on watercolor paper. I have twelve more that I want to do, before I move on to working with fabric. I'm getting really excited about this project!

I'm also happy that I will be meeting up with a friend tonight to discuss quilt/art things - not sure what yet, and I am excited to find out what she has in mind!

Here are the pieces I did today.


debsea said...

wow, you're really in the groove! way to roll the art out - i love all of thesse & can't wait to see where you go with them. guache is one of my favorite things to paint with, i love the feel of it (and the funny smell)

Bridget473 said...

I like the pinecone!