Monday, March 16, 2009

Faux Summer

Today, our thermometers reached over 60 degrees! My studio door was open, the birds were singing, and the remaining snow was melting and trickling away. The first thing I did was "finish" up the cutting table. (I discovered some issues with it, and will need to get some longer screws to make sure the top is secure to the bases.)

I also added the knobs to the drawers and the cabinet doors:

I also added some temporary legs to the dresser drawer, I just bought some stairway rails, and cut the ends off, then used a double ended screw.

After all that, I finally got to get my hands on some fabric again! On Sunday I went to Janet's and we played with lutradur. I painted the birds and the darker part of the flowers on the lutradur, then this afternoon I used some fabric markers to finish off the flowers, and to color the stems and leaves.

The fabrics I bordered and backed it with, are actually tablecloths and napkins that I got on clearance at Target awhile back. (I used them to makes shelve curtains and a cover for my coffee table.) I think I need to order some of this stuff. I distressed it with my heat gun, and creating some open areas to let the green show through, and soften the edges.

Then I started to quilt it on my domestic machine.

I ended up staying later than I planned, so I could finish the quilting! (The bonus? It was still light out when I left!)

Tomorrow I plan to do more piecing and maybe more quilting. Every now and then I just have the urge to quilt on my domestic. (But only small wall hangings.

I also plan to spend some time working on ideas of classes that I want to start teaching at the studio. I plan on having sign up sheets ready for Art-A-Whirl, in hopes I will get some people signed up for classes over the summer!

What a wonderful, sunny, warm and fresh day!


Bridget473 said...

So glad you got to enjoy the beautiful weather! (We're having it today too! Hooray!) I love your goldfinch piece -- beautiful!

Janet Hartje said...

Wow! You are fast. It looks great. It was so fun to have you come to my home the other day. Thanks.
Janet Hartje

Norma said...

You are one working machine-girl! I really love your finch wallhanging too. Stunning featherwork. I truly think you have spring fever. Isn't that a great feeling?