Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Organizing the Studio

Now that the house is clean and decluttered, I am targeting the studio. For the sale this past December, everything from the main front area was shoved into the back room. I went through my fabrics before the sale, and got rid of some, today, I cut what was left nearly in half!

This is what the back fabric area looked like when I came in this morning.

To deal with the tubs and boxes full of random things, I sat up some tubs to organize into "zones".

This is after going through the fabrics and pulling out the ones I am getting rid of.

This is after I condensed them all onto one shelf.

This shows the first shelf that is folded properly, the shelf below it still hasn't been "folded". Don't you think the top shelf looks better? It'd done using the 6" x 24" ruler!

It does take awhile to fold the fabrics using the ruler method, but they do stack so much better, and are more visible when you're looking for something.

The main room is still a wreck! So I will be dealing with this tomorrow. It's amazing how hard it is to organize a sewing studio that is both a wet/dry studio! There's just so many little bits and pieces, I'm sure you all know what I mean!

Wish me luck in finishing up with this mess, hopefully tomorrow! I want to get back to creating!


Bridget473 said...

Good luck to ya! I wish I had such a fabulous place to clean up!

Renee said...

Brave girl! I would be afraid I got rid of a fabric I am going to want to use tomorrow.... isn't that what a stash is for!

But, I must admit, it is looking GOOD!

Janet Hartje said...

You are inspiring me Stephanie! At least I'm thinking about cleaning now. LOL Janet

Ana's House said...

You should see if there is any office liquidation going on in MN, you can get some nice cheap furniture for very cheap price.

Norma said...

Man I wish I had the space you have for my work area. I'm starting to feel cramped in mine.