Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Winter Yuck

Okay, I have not posted in a very long time. I have also not put my hands to a speck of art in a long time. Winter-yuck has struck me. It happens every winter, sometimes later sometimes earlier. This year, it's early. Too many winter storm watches I think, on top of it being NEGATIVE 18 actual temperature as I write this.

I was planning on getting out today, and going to the studio. I still do, if my car starts. It's been nearly a month since I drove my car anywhere, and it's not very likely to start now, especially on a day like today.

One of the worst parts of winters here, is that even when the sun is shining fully, it is bitter cold. The sun does not warm your skin one iota! It's crazy! It's also very tempting to get the car started, and just start driving south!

The only upside to this winter driven hermit type living, is that my house is starting to really look good. The bedroom is clean, including two new dressers purchased at Ikea. (I finally have "grown-up" bedroom furniture!) And the kitchen has been overhauled, and The Container Store items have fully organized the space into something much more usable and efficient. There is still the computer room to tackle, and the random clutter that always accumulates in the living room.

***Note to self - next year, schedule a mid-January trip to somewhere above 50 degrees. (Hubby is going to Vegas with the guys from work this weekend! Arrrgh!)***

Thank God for Netflix and Kindle!

Wish me luck with the car - I really need to get out today!

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