Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Really Is a Sickness

For a couple of years now, I have slowly been recovering from a sickness. That sickness is "packratitis". Clutter. Junk. Crap. It's been a slow process, but over the last couple of months, things have really kicked into gear!

I attribute quite a bit of it to two thing: wanting to entertain, and the show "Clean House". I admire those people on the show, that can face their clutter issue in just a few days. It's got to be stressful, and mentally exhausting!

When a packrat starts to de-nest, they start to see things that they tried to ignore before, by piling more crap on top. Case in point? Today I started going through the cabinets and drawers in the master bathroom. The shocker? My travel containers. When you have clutter, you can never find anything, so when you need something, you end up buying it again. Therefore, I found six, SIX soap holders. I found a half a dozen travel toothbrushes. I found four different sets of shampoo/condition sets. I found the bags that held them all too.

I found hotel shampoo container upon container. *Note to self, do NOT take them anymore, what were you thinking? You brought your own soaps for heaven's sake!*

I tend to think a lot of my irritation with the clutter, has come about as I have taken control of my life and happiness. I will be perfectly honest, I have had some issues that were keeping me not so happy. The two major problems were: infertility, and I will remain childless and enjoy other's children. The other, was that I went to school for graphic design, and a week after I started, 9/11 happened, essentially killing the prospect of a new designer finding a job anywhere other than Kinko's. (No offense to Kinko's workers by any means believe me, but after nearly $20,000 in schooling, is disheartening.)

Then, nearly a year ago, someone I know was diagnosed with cancer, and that's when I knew I needed to get my butt a studio. Life is too short! I also started to realize, that I did not want to live in clutter anymore. It was depressing, and when I'm depressed, I shop a lot more. Which of course, leads to more clutter, then more depression...and so it goes.

I knew my will to beat clutter was here to stay, when I came home with new shirts the other day, and made myself get rid of more from my closet than I was putting in! Yes!

The studio is next on the list! There are plenty of things in there that I don't use, so expect news of a studio sale in the coming months! (Would people come to that you think?)

Anyways, I'm just glad to feel the weight coming off my shoulders! Have a great day!

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Bridget473 said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the personal things you're going through -- those are some really tough ones. I'm glad you've been able to find a way to deal with them that works for you and decluttering sounds like it will be a great help. Wish I lived close enough to come to a studio sale!