Friday, January 23, 2009

Good Evening!

Well, I did not make it to the studio today. I learned that another friend was laid off from work today - from the same place my best friend was laid off from!

But I did do over two hours at the gym today! Then had a get together at The Muddy Pig for their Hop Festival. Hoppy beers are my absolute favorite beers! And this weekend they have a list of like 50 different hoppy beers! They offer a deal of 3 of their 5 oz glasses of whichever hoppy beers you want. I went through 2 sets of three, then ordered 2 more single 5 oz servings of my favorite, which is the Left Hand Twin Sisters Beer! Mmmm. I expect another visit there tomorrow afternoon, before it becomes so busy! It was crazy tonight!

I tell you, it pretty much made up for the fact that it's -2 right now (-34 with windchill!). Almost, until we had to walk to the car. Maybe I should have had another set or two??

Tomorrow's another day. :) (Ok..another COLD day!)

Have an awesome weekend!

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Ana's House said...

I wish you joined us today :(