Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mini Series

I finished binding the last in my current series this morning. They are all approximately 12" blocks, that I took my my sketchbook thumbnails. I think I will continue to work in this way for some time to come. It feels comfortable, and right. It sort of feels like the method to my madness that I have been searching for all summer. A way to organize and add structure to my artistic style.

The photos aren't awesome by any means, I took them with my iPhone. I will take better pictures of them at another time.

I have been sketching, and have a few solid ideas for the Ikea challenge piece. Of course, I won't get to post pictures until after it's all over I'm sure. There's a $1,000 studio makeover at stake here, I am not taking any chances! :)

Now I am off to the gym, then off to the studio to start on some more blocks. I think I may switch the color palette around some. Use some complementary colors maybe.

Have a great day!

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maggi said...

Isn't it amazing the difference that quilting makes. Now I don't know which one I prefer. Maggi