Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sweet Ride!

I have my "new ride" home now! They switched over all the stuff that was extra on my old bike (including the kick stand...isn't it weird that bikes don't inherently come with kick stands anymore?) And the pink basket on the front is new. :) Perfect for holding my purse, plus it pops off to bring in for shopping if I need it. :) The water bottle holder on the frame is new too.

The baskets on the back are from my old bike, they each perfectly fit a paper/cloth grocery bag. It's sooo much bigger than the old bike (thank goodness!) Went from a 16" to a 19", and it feels like switching from a Smart Car to a Hummer! (Only not evil like that would be! lol)

I want to ride it to my new studio as often as weather permits, and we'll see if I can physically do it. I'm overweight and out of shape, and the trip to and from the studio will be between 12 and 14 miles. And of course, the trip will be more complicated because the 35 bridge is out and they have to use 280 as a freeway now, so there is no way across it.

I actually tried to get pink and white streamers for the bike, but apparently adults don't put streamers on, because the handles are not adapted for putting them in. (BOOOOO!) I would have totally got them if they'd worked! Maybe I will have to find some of those nifty things that go on the spokes?? I don't know, I never "pimped" out my childhood bikes, I was lucky just to have a bike! hehe

I am actually really excited. I've been thinking a lot lately about middle school, when I lived "in town". I road my bike all the time. To school, to the beach, the movies, the gas station, DQ, Hardees, parks, etc. It was like having a car, I swear it was! Remember the freedom you felt when you got that first "big girl" or "big boy" bike? The first time you got to go out and explore on your own, no parent/guardian?

It was awesome wasn't it? I even used to "park" my bike. I grew up in a town that at the time, your bike was safe not being locked up. (It's not like that there anymore.) Anyways, you didn't have to lock it up at the time, so I used to actually park my bike in a parking spot. Come to think of it, the only places in that town that had bike racks, were the schools.

Looking at the picture, I'm thinking I need to "Conch" out my bike some! If you have ever been to Key West, they decorate/paint their cars all crazy sometimes, and call them Conch Cruisers, you can see one here.

Of course, I won't hurt Pearl's (I think that's her name...) paint job, but those black baskets on the back could use something "special". :) Maybe some applique? hehe

I think I'll take her for a spin tonight somewhere!

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Mickey Depre said...

Ok..I have the same bike but in green...her name is "Olive"...same saddle bags...but no basket.
LOVE the basket.